Property Development

Our core business is “Property Development”. This means that we are constantly looking for the locations best suited for the construction of properties based on many criteria such as the geographical location and proximity to interesting sites, the quality of the terrain, the quality of the immediate environment, the preexistence of infrastructures, etc.

Sales & After-Sales

Not only do we build properties, but we also sell them. We also cooperate with local and international agencies, however, we have built long-term quality relationships with our existing clients, and more than 30% of our sales come from recommendations of our current clients so we usually sell directly to the final owner, without any intermediaries.

Long term rentals

We are proud to have developed a very good knowledge of the “long-term rental market” in Montenegro since we started a “long term rentals agency” at the same time as we started our Property Development Business, which has also allowed us to really understand the needs of year-round residents and adapting our offer to their needs.

Thanks to this knowledge we have launched both the “Mini Condos” and the “My Tiny House” projects based on the realization that there was a high demand for such niche products and very little offer. We started this business as intermediaries between tenants and owners of properties we did not build, but over the years we are managing a larger portion of our own properties, which allows us to have better control of the quality of the accommodation for demanding year-round residents.

Short term rentals

Managing properties on a short-term basis was never a part of our initial plan, as we were always very much focused on year-round living in Montenegro. However, our Mini Condos have proven to be so popular for seasonal rentals, via sites such as Airbnb (link to the profile), that we have organically developed a new sector in our enterprise. Hospitality is a totally different industry than Property Development, and also requires a very high level of quality service, so we have had to build an entire team and very strict procedures to make sure the experience of short-term guests was at the level of our expectations.

We are very proud to have extremely satisfied guests leaving great reviews on Airbnb, also validating the concept of our tiny living developments.

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