Kavač, the ideal location between Tivat, Kotor & Lustica

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Location location location! Our units in Kavač,, the center of the golden triangle between Tivat, Kotor & Lustica, are in the ideal location!

Kavač, in the center of the Golden Triangle, is the ideal location!

Location, location location! Our coastal locations of “My Tiny House” and “Mini Condos” are on two beautiful lands which we called “The Groves” and “The Springs” in the village of Kavač, the ideal location, in the beautiful Unesco protected Bay of Kotor. Kavač, is the ideal location for those looking for peacefulness, views and proximity to all sites of interest.

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Location the “Bay of Kotor”

The Bay of Kotor has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich cultural and historical significance. The bay is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including towering mountains and crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and sailing.

Kavač“, the ideal location

Within the Bay of Kotor, the village of Kavač belongs to the Kotor Municipality, yet it overlooks the sunnier Tivat Bay. The village is a quiet getaway from the busier Tivat and Kotor, yet less than 10 minutes drive from these 2 exceptional places. Kavac has its own olive mill, a mini market, and is less than 3km away from schools, restaurants and supermarkets. This makes Kavač, the ideal location for your permanent or holiday home!

One of the key advantages of Kavač is its accessibility. The village is easily accessible by road, and it is also located near the international airport in Tivat. It is very easy to access the Adriatic beaches, as well as Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Lovcen, and the Lustica Peninsula from Kavač .

Kavač, has an exceptional quality of air, mixing the sea breeze and the mountain air.

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“My Tiny House” in The Groves, the ideal location

Olive Grove My Tiny House Kavač, the ideal location
The Olive Grove – My Tiny House Development in Kavac

The Groves, as the name suggests, is a land which features many trees. Two-thirds of the land is a Pine trees forest, while the other third is an Olive Grove. This offers 2 different atmospheres:

  • The Pine Trees area offers a more sheltered ambiance with majestic centennial trees providing a welcomed shade in the warm summer months.
  • The Olive grove offers a more open atmosphere for the sun lovers, who prefer a dryer Mediterranean ambiance.

Both areas offer great views on the forests and surrounding mountains. Because the houses consist of only 2 levels, the vegetation surrounding them partially conceals the sea views. Nevertheless, you can easily reach the nearest beaches within a short 5-minute drive and enjoy them throughout the year!


“Mini Condos” at The Springs, the ideal location

The Springs, as the name suggests, is a land which is surrounded by several springs. One of the great richness of Montenegro is the amount of water the country is blessed with. Not only do we have the Adriatic Sea, the Bay of Kotor, many beautiful lakes and pristine rivers, but we also have hundreds of water springs all around the country. There, many people come and collect the pure water, providing hydration and essential minerals.

sea views from The Springs Mini Condos Location - Kavač, the ideal location
Sea views from The Springs Mini Condos Location

Our location at the Springs will feature 3 types of properties:

All units should offer great sea views over the Bay of Tivat, as well as over the surrounding forests and mountains. At this location, you are only  5 minutes drive to Kotor, and about 10 minutes drive to Tivat. Beaches are 10 to 20 minutes away.

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